Monday, November 18, 2013

10 things you should do when you are pregnant

Are you expecting? I'm sure you have a million things to get done before you're little one makes his or her grand debut, but let me remind you to not forget yourself on the "to-do" list. Here's 10 things every pregnant woman should do for herself:

1. Get massages. Massage is vital for your health, stress reduction, and it feels good. Once baby shows up it will be harder to find the time to get a nice hour massage or be reluctant to spend that money on yourself so take advantage now.

2. Read. Take the weekend off and curl up in your favorite fussy prenatal jammies with a cup of tea and that trashy romance novel you've been dying to read. 

3. Watch movies or your favorite TV shows. Indulge in a movie or TV show marathon, because once baby comes, you'll be lucky to get even a 20 minute sitcom in without interruption.

4. Go on a mini vacation. Treat yourself to a long weekend at your favorite resort or vacation home. Pack all your favorite foods and whatever the current cravings and relax. 

5. Get your hair and nails done. You're a goddess so allow yourself to be pampered like one. 

6. Enjoy quiet time to yourself. Because after baby, quiet "me time" joins the way of the dinosaur, at least for the first few months.

7. Buy yourself new makeup. Why not? It's much easier now to visit your favorite makeup boutique then hauling around a screaming infant with you.

8. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner. Yes, make a reservation to your favorite posh restaurant and order the most expensive entree on the menu you've been dreaming of savoring, because chances are you'll probably not be bringing your baby with out to this venue. 

9. Sleep.That's what everyone says, but it's true. If you are in the middle of a project or washing dishes and suddenly feel the urge to nap- DO IT. And do it as often as you want to. Don't feel bad. You'll make up for it the first year after baby comes. 

10. Spend time with friends. Enjoy your relationships. Make great memories, because everything changes after childbirth. Even the best intentions of maintaining your connections are derailed after baby moves in.