Monday, December 16, 2013

The Art of Extreme Self-Care Giveaway!

Thank you so much for coming back. As promised I have an incredible treat for you just in time for the holidays and New Year's resolutions. But first a little background.

The first six months postpartum were very hard for me. I battled depression and anxiety everyday for what seemed like eternity. Nights dragged into an infinity of hell watching my daughter sleep so peacefully next to me in bed, while I could not turn off my brain. Sleep deprivation does nothing to help with postpartum depression, by the way. On one of these nights I pulled out my phone and went to the Kindle app, but none of the dozens of YA or romance or fantasy novels I had waiting to be read appealed to me, so I went to the Kindle store and somehow got to the Hay House book section. Not sure how it happened, those days/night are kind of a blur. But anyway, I ended up buying and downloading The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson.

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Richardson's Facebook page.

I'd seen her at an I Can Do It! event several years ago and I listen to her radio show occasionally at  This book completely changed my life. After reading it, I started taking care of myself and also got the help that I needed. Because The Art of Extreme Self-Care helped me so much, I decided to share this book with you all in two ways.

Starting in January of next year, I'm going feature a read along one chapter a month (the book has 12 chapters) and blog about how I applied the concepts in a postpartum setting.

AND I'm also going to give away a free digital copy of The Art of Extreme Self-Care to one lucky reader. All you have to do is comment below and share with me how you want to improve your life in the new year. Next Monday on the 23th, I'll randomly pick a winner.

Are you in? Spread the word to your fellow goddess mamas! Also, The Art of Extreme Self-Care is on sale at Cheryl's bookstore (paperback)

Have a fabulous week, ladies, and good luck.



  1. Hi my new year goals are around positive finances. Always wanted to read this book.

  2. I need to open my heart. I can't continue living this way. My self imposed prison no longer serves me and I need to let all the hurt go.

  3. Hello, I also saw Cheryl Richardson at !I can do it London! a few months ago and she was so inspiring. Really down to earth lovely lady and her positivity and kindness is really infectious :) Its nice seeing someone who doesn't need to talk about metaphysics or science but really grounds to earth what it means to live these spiritual beliefs in practice just by being herself. I hope in the new year I can embody some of her self love and authenticity in my own life. My new year's resolution word is "Passion" so should be lots of fun :)
    ps please read my blog if you fancy it :)

    1. Hello, you are the winner. Please email me so I can get your digital copy to you. Thanks!