Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fly Little Book, Fly!

Happy Monday!

Today is an especially happy Monday for me, because yesterday my debut book launched on Amazon Kindle.

I cannot believe she's flown the coop. I spent about 6 months writing this little book and another 5 months trying to get it ready for the world to read.

I spent most of the day holding my little girl who was getting over a fever. We watched a lot of Animal Planet and PBS Kids shows between naps- a rather calming day considering my book just released.The house looked like a bomb went off followed by a tornado. Laundry piled up. The dishes filled the kitchen sink. But these things that usually bother the heck out of me didn't phase me one bit.

My book is out!! Holy mother of a cow. I finally did it. After years of writing, my first book has finally flown the coop. All I can think about is everyone will be able to read my personal story with many intimate details. Very scary. Yet I smile and wave the book good-bye. Fly little book, fly!

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