Monday, June 2, 2014

The Art of Extreme Self-care Chapter 6

Hello and welcome to The Art of Extreme Self-care postpartum style. For those of you who are new to my blog, last December I announced I would be doing a read-a-long of The Art of Extreme Self-care by Cheryl Richardson and sharing with you how I applied the principles of the book in a postpartum setting.  We will be focusing on one chapter a month. Last chapter was about letting go of control. Let's dive into chapter 6.

Overview: Absolute No List.

What I got out of the chapter: This chapter became a game changer for me. I love lists. I write out lists for shopping or daily goals or chores/errands and pretty much anything I can put in a list I will. I even have a list of the top 5 things I want to do every day written on my bathroom mirror which includes things like oil pulling, meditation, and going outside. (Ever heard of the obscure condition called "mommy brain?") But of all the lists I have written in my life, I've never written an Absolute No List- things I will not do or do not want in my life anymore. That is, until I read this chapter. I started small because as will all lists, I have the tendency to get carried away. Here are the top 3 absolute Noes for me:

1. I will not go to bed past 10 on a week night.

2. I will not buy non-organic fruits/vegetables for my daughter at home.

3. I will keep my phone ringer turned off from 6pm-7am.

Cheryl points out the importance of knowing why you do not what these actions, items, or behaviors in your life. For me:  I go to bed before 10pm because I need to rest. Rest is my best weapon against depression. I refuse to put unnecessary chemicals into my daughter's young body, therefore if I can only afford to buy organic for her, so be it. My evenings are my time for family and self-care. I don't need to be answering texts or phone calls, unless they are expected/scheduled calls.

I have other items on my list too, but I wanted to give you a general idea of what a Absolute No List looks like. The best part about this list is that it's a reminder of what is important in my life. As a mom, I get busy and forget what I'm supposed to be doing. It's so easy for me to lose track of the time and get so involved in whatever project around the house, I forget to stop and care for myself. So what is on your list? Please share!

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