Monday, March 9, 2015

Green Kombucha Smoothie

Last week I had a rough day. One of those where everything seemed wrong, when the motivation ship had sailed away long ago, and I felt like the biggest loser on the planet.

In the process of doing some self-care, I made this simple smoothie with whatever I had in the house. Thought I'd share with you because it came out pretty darn good and I went from frumpy mood to superhero mama mode within minutes of consuming the last drop of green magic.

Green Kombucha Smoothie

8 oz Kombucha (I used Humm brand, the strawberry lemonade flavor)
1 cup Trader Joe's Organic Greek Plain Yogurt
1 1/2  cups Organic Fresh Baby Spinach Greens
2 Bananas

Blend the kombucha and baby spinach until smooth and there are no pieces of spinach left. Add yogurt and bananas. Blend again until smooth. Enjoy the frothy liquid goodness.

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