Monday, March 2, 2015

8 Favorite Baby Gifts

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The other night as I was watching my daughter play with her toys in the bath I thought of all the wonderful gifts people have given me to celebrate her arrival into this world. Some of have been life-savers from the get-go, others not so much, but most I've used at one point in Boo Creature's 1st year in life. I figured I'd make a list for those of you looking for baby gift ideas. My criteria for this list are the following:

How many times I've used it.

My list also included big and small ticket items to fit all budgets.

1. Mom's One Line A Day 5-Year Memory Book: I haven't written in it everyday, but I've been able to capture many of the milestones and special moments. It's even more fun now to write because I've got two year behind me.

2. Ergo-Baby Carrier- The. Best. Gift. Ever. I used this baby until my girl was 20 months old.

3. Britax Car Seat- Britax has the highest rating for safety. They are simply the best. I had one hand-me-down car seat as well and while I was extremely grateful for the extra seat, it didn't compare in quality to the Britax.

4. Thermometer- The first year of Boo Creature's life I must have used this thing at least a 1000 times as she brought home every little bug that came through her daycare. I got the temporal/ear type. Not as accurate as a rectal or oral one, but close enough! Quite frankly I'm not into sticking things up my daughter's butthole.

5. Nose-Frida- Also know as the "snot-sucker." Yes, you do actually suck the boogies, but you can control the suction for gentle use AND no, you don't actually suck the mucus into your mouth. There is a membrane barrier to protect you for loosing your lunch.

6. Sophie Giraffe- Teething time SAVIOR and great for long car rides. Them French people know how to do things.

7. Cloth Books- Another great toy for car rides and distracting the baby while mama worked or played Candy Crush...

8. Diapers (cloth, liners, and disposables)- Any kind of diapers are a gift from the Gods. If ever in doubt on what to get, buy disposables or gift certificate for a diaper service. The Honest Company has a wonderful disposable service and I used them along with the G-diapers until Boo got potty-trained. Best part they come right to your door and you can schedule them as often as needed. I highly recommend them!
The Honest Company

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