Goddess Starter Kit

Adding magic to your daily life isn't hard and doesn't have to be costly. The following is a basic Goddess tool kit list for creating your own unique rituals (click on the images to purchase):

1. White candles- any candles work fine, but white candles signify purity and are powerful in summoning protection. Sometimes, I'll just use a white tea light lit while I take a bath, write in my journal, or when doing an oracle card reading. Lighting a candle in the evening can bring relaxing energy to your home after a hectic day.

2. Sage smudge stick- Sage is a powerful way to clear the home of negative energy. I grow my own sage in my herb garden on the balcony that I used for my smudging rituals. For more information about smudging click here.

3. Oracle cards- Tarot cards work too, but I like oracle cards better because they are less harsh and don't have the negative stigma that tarot do. Find the deck that works for you. My favorite are the Goddess Cards by Doreen Virtue.

4. Gemstones. My favorite three are Rose Quartz- for healing & love, Citrine- for cleansing and protection, and Hematite- for grounding and protection.

5. Sea Salt. Salt is used for baths and cleansing gemstones. Salt can also be used in doorways for protection. My favorite is Celtic Sea Salt.

You can add to your kit to meet your individual needs.
Blessings to you Goddess, Melania

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